Sep 212015

_62945282_dancersThere are two types of people in the pension world – a few living comfortably, enjoying life on a decent pension and those struggling to live on a pension.

Hold on, there’s another type – those currently working who face an uncertain future, will it be retirement at 60, 65, 66, 70 or ?? What will life be like?

Apart from the very few, what is certain is that for most the dream of the “golden years” is more likely to be a nightmare. For many the only answer will be to keep on working or go back to work – but not as they knew it, no, it will be on the till at the supermarket or filling shelves at the DIY store – dream jobs?

For some, the lucky few, they have already found another way. A way to earn what could be a life changing income – through a home based business.

It’s amazing but nonetheless true, an extra £100 to £500 every month could significantly improve the lifestyle of the vast majority of people in the UK today. It would also improve their pension prospects. What is also amazing but equally true is that £100 to £500 extra every month is so simple to get. Yes, it takes a bit of spare-time effort but with a residual income from a home based business anyone could change their whole life.

How much more? Well there are a few who are earning more than the average national income but earning that every month – yes, you read that right, every month. For many their part-time income is the equivalent of a full-time job – and they get more spare time to enjoy life! But for all of those people working their own home based business, their extra income will give them an improved lifestyle and better prospects for the future.

The point about a residual income is that it gets paid every month, month in, month out, even when we are not working. So once we’ve built our business, we get paid for the rest of our lives. So it’s better lifestyle today and better pension tomorrow – Win/Win.

Living longer doesn’t have to be an issue. If you’re serious about creating your own passive income stream from a part time business then start by getting some more information today.