Apr 012014

A rare piece of good news – average UK incomes are likely to rise.

However, reading past the headlines – the news article also states that average incomes will only rise by about 0.2% to 0.5%.

Will you have more?

That’s a rise of £2 to £5 for every £1000 earned – for someone on the average income in the UK it means an annual rise of about nothing to not much more!!  And that’s before taxes, national insurance etc!

The reality for most people, whatever the percentages are, is they will not see any real benefit even if their income does rise slightly.

Why? The cost of living is set to keep on rising at a quicker rate – not necessarily the published indexes but the real cost of living that most of us experience – food, energy, the real costs of running our homes and lives etc.

The stark truth for most British households is – things are still getting harder financially.

There is an answer.

For instance, by watching a little less TV each week, most people could find 2 or 3 hours to earn an additional income. Put another way, stop watching Coronation Street, Eastenders or Emerdale and put that time to good use. What would you miss? Nothing or any importance. What could you gain?

The Smart Incomes business is ideal for those people who want to turn a few hours a week into an extra income of £100, £200 or more every month. For those who want to take it a bit more seriously, the rewards could be even greater.

So, to make this rare piece of good news into really good news take a look at a business that could turn a few hours a week into an exceedingly good income and a much better lifestyle : the opportunity of a lifetime.