Jun 132019
Retirement Dream

We can even run our business from here

Both in their early fifties, Rob and Sue joined our part-time business to provide themselves with some extra spending money. Rob was an engineer and Sue was a physiotherapist working in the NHS. Although Rob could get overtime, it was always at weekends which meant they couldn’t enjoy their passion for getting away in their motorhome.

Initially they wanted to earn an extra £200 to £300 a month, ideally by working just a few spare evenings.

After a few months they were consistently on-track with their goal but during a conversation it became apparent that they were starting to think about how they could pay off their mortgage and retire, well at least stop working full-time. As they already understood our business, they knew they could generate a proper passive income. So we put our heads together to create a plan.

The new goal was, over a 4 to 5 year period to earn an average of £2000 extra every month, to get to a point were they could continue to grow their business and income but by working less than 20 hours a month, pay off the mortgage, then stop working at their jobs but still be earning more than £2000 each month.

Today, they have both finished with their jobs, they work part-time continuing to grow their business, they’re mortgage free, they’ve moved from rural Oxfordshire to even more rural Somerset and are the owners of a brand new motorhome.

Has it been plain sailing, no! As with most things in life there were many challenges along the way. Sue had an accident which resulted in her leaving her job earlier than planned. There were many other things too, the normal issues of life that can sometimes divert any of us. But the biggest one, the plan didn’t go to plan!

No, their goal of 4 to 5 years didn’t quite work out. Sue stopped working about 2 years into the plan. Rob gave up his job after nearly 6 years. Their income level has also not gone to plan, it’s more than they had initially targeted. Now they have a lot more time to enjoy their lives and their hobbies without financial worries.

So yes, the plan did ultimately work.

But it’s not just the extra money that they earned. They also qualified for several European city breaks and a 6 star Mediterranean holiday cruise, all expenses paid. Not bad for what started out as a part-time way to earn a few hundred pounds extra spending money a month!

It happened for Rob and Sue, it could happen for you. Find out more…