Aug 012020
women looking to return to work

I want to be paid what I’m worth

A recent headline ‘Terror of being the work experience girl at 50: Surrounded by tech-savvy young people and getting paid NOTHING’. Why?

Why would someone in their 40s, 50s or even more mature want to work in a strange environment and get paid little or nothing for it? I’m sure there are some good reasons out there but there must be a better way!

For anyone, not just mums, looking to get back into work there is an alternative. To me, our business is the ideal vehicle to help people get back into work AND earn some money. But more than that, it also helps people feel good about themselves.

Why do I think that? Well there are many reasons but here are just some of them:

  • a positive environment
  • happy and helpful colleagues
  • flexible working to suit the individual
  • your ‘office’ could be at home, in a hotel lobby, a coffee shop, in your car, anywhere you choose
  • great opportunities to socialise and meet new people
  • products and services that are really helpful to the customer
  • opportunities to utilise existing skills and talents as well as develop new ones
  • opportunity to earn more than the national average salary but on a part-time basis
  • an income for life
  • create a pension without working all your life

So what could this business offer you?

It costs nothing to get some initial information – just click here.

Then, if you have any questions or would like to gain a better understanding of the business, please contact us.